Stronger Communities Fund

Edward River Council is currently administering $10 million worth of grants under the Stronger Communities Fund and is working to build a more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local community.

The Stronger Communities Fund has been established by the NSW Government to help create stronger communities and aims to support residents, community groups and new councils to work together on projects that improve infrastructure and services.

To be eligible for funding under Council’s Stronger Communities Grants Program, community projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Deliver social, cultural, economic or environmental benefits to local communities;
  • Address an identified community priority;
  • Be well defined with a clear budget;
  • Demonstrate that any ongoing or recurrent costs of the project can be met by the community group once grant funding has been expensed; and
  • The organisation must demonstrate the capacity to manage funds and deliver the project.

For enquiries regarding the Stronger Communities Fund and Council’s Stronger Communities Grants Program, please contact us.

Other Community Grants

For information on finding available grants and how to apply, try searching for a relevant grant at one of the sites below: