Corporate Publications, Policies and Strategies

You can learn more about Edward River Council by viewing our corporate publications, policies and strategies.

Copies of all corporate publications are able available on request at Council’s Customer Service Centre at 180 Cressy Street, Deniliquin.

Budget and Operational Plan

2017-18 Operational Plan incorporating the Long-Term Financial Plan(PDF, 3MB)
2017-18 Operational Plan - Attachments(PDF, 33MB)  
2017-18 Operational Plan - Fees and Charges(PDF, 9MB)  
2017-18 Operational Plan - Rating Revenue Policy(PDF, 352KB)  


Civic Leadership
Code of Conduct(PDF, 151KB)  
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy(PDF, 286KB)
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy(PDF, 139KB)
Investment Policy(PDF, 171KB)  
Local Government Elections - Caretaker Period Policy(PDF, 217KB)  
Media Communications Policy(PDF, 280KB)  
Procurement Policy(PDF, 447KB)  
Public Interest Disclosure Policy(PDF, 380KB)  
Risk Management Policy(PDF, 297KB)
Use of Common Seal Policy(PDF, 255KB)  
Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy(PDF, 387KB)  
Cemetery Management Policy(PDF, 146KB)  
Contaminated Land Management Policy(PDF, 2MB)  
Liquid Trade Waste Policy(PDF, 1MB)  

Strategic Documents

Financial Statements