CBD Painting & Signage Project

Edward River Council is working hard to ensure access to assistance for the community during the ongoing drought. Edward River Council has identified six priority projects to share in $1 million under the Drought Communities Programme, aimed at stimulating economic growth during the current dry period.

One of these projects Edward River Council has been successful in is the $100,000 dollar-for-dollar CBD Painting and Signage Project. The project focuses on cosmetic upgrades to enhance the appearance of shop fronts and signage and helping to create a more welcoming, visually appealing CBD. This project will assist businesses and building owners in the Deniliquin Central Business District (CBD) to beautify their shopfronts via a painting and signage program.

Council believes that bright, welcoming CBD areas will assist to encourage patronage, boost community pride and support local business. To this end, Council invites CBD building owners to complete an Expression of Interest form, detailing whether they would like to take part in this project.

  • It is important to read all documentation fully before making any decisions or entering in to any agreements. Should there be any questions, please contact Drought Support Officer, Airlie Landale, on 0411 393 308.

Project Timeline

CBD Painting Timeline

Funding Guidelines

Please refer to Project Funding Guidelines here(PDF, 99KB).

  • Applications are only eligible for shopfronts in Napier Street (between George and Cressy St) and Cressy Street (between Hardinge Street and Edwardes Street). Applications from Napier Street (between George and Cressy Street) will be given priority, then Cressy St (between Napier and Edwardes St).
  • Heritage listed buildings may take part in this project however Council policy regarding the upgrade of heritage listed buildings will apply. If applicants are in a Heritage Conservation Area or Heritage Item they must make contact with Environmental Services before submitting their EOI (Julie Rogers, Manager Environmental Services julie.rogers@edwardriver.nsw.gov.au, 03 5898 3111, 0408 960 646). This is relevant for applicants located in shaded or striped areas below.

  • View recommended colour palette here(PDF, 321KB).


Funding FAQ

Application Form 

  • Applications are now closed. Please refer to timeline above for next steps.

Contractor Expressions of Interest

  • Expressions of Interest from contractors for the CBD Painting & Signage Project are now open and will close at 10am on Monday 16th September.
  • Please contact Airlie Landale (airlie.landale@edwardriver.nsw.gov.au | 0411 393 308) for a copy of the projects that can be quoted on as part of the CBD Painting & Signage Project.
  • Once you have received the project documentation, please fill out and submit the form below by the closing date. No late applications can, or will, be accepted. As all projects must be completed by 16 December 2019, Council must adhere to the EOI cut-off time listed above.
  • Contractor Guidelines and Further Information(PDF, 124KB)

Click here to view form.