Council releases cattle saleyards report to public

Published on 15 April 2021

Cattle yards race

Edward River Council general manager Phil Stone has confirmed the final draft saleyards strategy report has been distributed to Councillors and will be discussed at a Council meeting today, Thursday 15 April.

He and mayor Cr. Norm Brennan also accepted an invitation to meet with State MP Helen Dalton yesterday and presented her with a copy of the report.

“Councillors committed to continuing the consultation with local stakeholders regarding the decision to reinvest in the sheep saleyards and divest of the under used cattle yards,” Mr. Stone said.

“In February we hosted a meeting with stock agents and farmers to explain the basis of the decision by Council. At that meeting we advised a final draft saleyards strategy report was under development by Urban Enterprises, the consulting firm who conducted the original consultation on Council’s behalf.”

At yesterday’s meeting, Mr. Stone and Mayor Brennan shared the report with Ms. Dalton and the livestock agents present and committed to making the report publicly available.

“The report backs the decision of the Council, based on a significant reduction in cattle sales in Deniliquin and increased competition at nearby selling centres,” he said.

“Sadly, cattle numbers don’t appear what they used to be – the demand for a weekly cattle sale in Deniliquin has not been there for many years. Even the planned fortnightly sales are sometimes cancelled due to low numbers.”

Mr. Stone said Council remained committed to improving the Deniliquin sheep saleyards and would continue to work with the livestock industry to ensure Deniliquin remains a popular and well supported selling centre for sheep.

The report will be distributed to livestock agents and will be available on the Council’s website or by calling 03 58983000.

Media inquiries:       Tiffany Carroll, ERC Communications Advisor tel. 0437245196 

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