Rates Harmonisation for Edward River Council

Published on 19 December 2019

Edward River Councillors have endorsed a proposed rate harmonisation structure at the December Ordinary Council meeting and will be engaging with the community in the first quarter of 2020 about the preferred rate structure option.

Currently there are two rating structures for former Deniliquin and Conargo areas. The two structures have different rate contributions by residential, business, and farmland ratepayers.

Rates harmonisation requires councils to come up with a new rating formula for the Edward Council area, replacing often disparate rating systems that existed under the previous existing boundaries.

“Council is required to create one general rate structure which means harmonising the former Deniliquin and Conargo Shire Councils’ rate structures,” Edward River Council Mayor Norm Brennan said.

“It is important that it is made clear that there will be no increase in Council’s total rate revenue resulting from the requirement to harmonise.”

“Council is focused on creating the most equitable rate structure provided by the legislation for the whole Edward River region.”

“This Council’s term ends next year in September and I believe it is important that we oversee the program of rates harmonisation under our watch,” Cr Brennan said.

“This is a difficult and complex process that will have an impact on individual rate assessments as we work towards harmonisation of the former Councils’ rating structures.

“How significant that impact is will vary and be influenced by a number of factors.”

“Rate harmonisation is focused only on general land rates and does not include annual water, sewer and other charges.”

The impact of rates harmonisation on ratepayers is also influenced significantly by land valuations determined every three years by the NSW Valuer General.

The next land revaluation is due to take effect on Council’s rating structure on 1 July 2020.

“Council will be engaging with the community and ratepayers in early 2020 about the rates harmonisation process and the proposed new rate structure”.

Further information is available on Council’s website at:  http://www.edwardriver.nsw.gov.au


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