Sheep saleyards upgrades proposed

Published on 29 April 2021

deni saleyards

The strategic report into the Deniliquin Saleyards released by Edward River Council has identified a six-point plan that would result in long-term sustainability of the Deniliquin sheep saleyards.

The proposed plan begins with a complete asset register and condition report which would identify specific assets requiring immediate replacement or repair, Council’s general manager Phil Stone has said.

“The plan has recommendations to ensure the longevity of the sheep saleyards. The work required is expected to include replacing ageing pen rails, replacing raised walkways and ramps and upgrading the lighting,” he said.

“If the plan is adopted, once we have the asset registry and condition report we will host a meeting with key user groups (buyers, producers, transporters and agents) to confirm the list of improvements and upgrades.”

Mr. Stone said it was important Council discuss the sheep saleyards upgrades with users to ensure it has the plan right.

“The sheep saleyards are well supported by the industry and the strategy proposes to undertake actions to underpin its continued success - by ensuring the yards are kept not only compliant but are user friendly with upgrades provided as needed.

“We will need to seek funding for upgrade works but the strategy sets up the sheep saleyards as a Council priority and that we are working on a short to medium term plan for the works,” Mr. Stone said.

“Our objectives are to deliver a safe, compliant and competitive facility that is viable and financially sustainable. We are coming from a good starting point with the sheep yards and look forward to delivering this project.”

Council welcomes feedback on the strategic report in to the Deniliquin Saleyards - email 


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