Meter Replacement Program

Through our 2017/18 Operational Plan and Budget, Edward River Council is undertaking a Meter Replacement Program. 

This program will see water meters in Deniliquin replaced with new Taggle Systems Pty Ltd smart water meters and electronic readers. The Taggle Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system has demonstrated, on average, savings of 10 per cent in property leakage and 10 per cent in system losses, which includes water for flushing, leakage, unmetered services, and water theft.

Once delivered, the system will monitor individual water use by transmitting meter readings from approximately 3,500 local receivers every hour. Following the installation of the smart water meters, residents will be able to directly access their water usage information through an online customer portal.


Installation commenced on Monday, 4 December 2017. Installation of the new meters is being undertaken by a contractor, New Plumbing Solutions (NPS), and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2018.

Individual property owners and residents are being contacted by NPS prior to each installation to ensure that any disruption to the water supply is minimised.

While the work does not require property owners to be present during installation, Council appreciates of all residents in ensuring their water meters remain accessible for NPS contractors.

If your meter is not accessible during business hours due to a locked gate or a requirement that prevents the water supply being shut off, please contact NPS on 1300 677 669 to arrange a suitable time for the work to be undertaken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Council rolling out new water meters?
Best practice is for water meters to be replaced after they have been in service for around eight years, and with around two thirds of Council’s water meters now having been in service for 15 years or more, the roll-out of new water meters has been identified as a priority for both Council and our community.

What makes these water meters ‘smart’?
The new smart water readers can be read remotely, meaning Council staff will no longer have to manually check residents’ meters four times a year. Our staff will now be able to spend their time more proactively in managing the system to reduce mechanical breakdowns and improving response times to reactive maintenance.

When are the smart water meters being installed?
Council’s Meter Replacement Program commenced on Monday, 4 December 2017 and is continuing over the coming three months.

Who is replacing the water meters?
Council has engaged New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) to manage the Meter Replacement Program. NPS has worked with a range of government clients, including rural, regional and metropolitan councils in both New South Wales and Victoria, on large-scale plumbing projects, including the installation of smart water meters. You can learn more about NPS from their website at

Will I need to pay to have my water meter replaced?
No. Council’s Meter Replacement Program is funded through Council’s 2017/18 Operational Plan and Budget, which means property owners will not need to pay to have their water meter replaced and the new water meter installed.

How will I be able to monitor my water consumption?
Following the installation of new smart water meters and electronic readers, residents will be able to access their water consumption data from an online customer portal. This is a secure, moderated environment which allows each user to configure and activate their own alerts for high consumption, high cost or leak detection, and then to receive such alerts via SMS or email.