Edward River is now open for recreational and commercial use. Due to the recent flood event, we urge all users to be cautious and safe when navigating the river. There is now a large volume of floating and submerged debris that is unknown to even the most frequent users of the river.


ALL Council owned and operated boat ramps will remain closed due to Council's inability to assess if any debris are obstructing the ramps or if the integrity of the ramps has been compromised. This includes:

  • Lawson Syphon
  • Twin Rivers
  • Murray Valley Regional Park (Willoughby's)
  • McLeans Beach
  • Harfleur Street
  • Sloane Street.

Twin Rivers, Willoughby's, McLeans Beach and all national parks remain closed.

Parts of the Beach to Beach walk will be open for use, however, ensure that you follow signage. Parts of the Beach to Beach walk will remain closed as they have not been deemed safe or are still under water.

Your safety is our priority! Please do not disregard signage, it is there to keep you all safe this holiday season. 

Follow this link for more information on the notice to navigate with caution and minimise wash from the NSW government.