Flood Mapping


The online flood mapping shows the potential extent and depth of various flooding events in the Edward River area.

Use navigation menu to:

  1. Search for an address.
  2. The layer list shows the various levels, under elevation, select a flood peak layer.

Please note that the mapping tool is easier to navigate on a desktop, or tablet.

Approximate depth

Light Blue          0.0m - 0.2m

Medium Blue     0.2m - 0.5m    

Dark Blue         >0.5m


Council flood mapping at 9.4m shows inundation in Davidson St, which is caused by a small low point in the Davidson Street levee - this has now been fixed. The flooding in Davidson St shown on the flood maps, therefore, is not expected to occur at 9.4m due to these works.



Edward River at Deniliquin Flood Study(PDF, 31MB)