Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Addressing and reducing obstacles for people living with disabilities is a key area of focus for Edward River Council, as highlighted in Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) 2023-2026.

The DIAP is an important step towards making the Edward River community more accessible and inclusive for everyone, and ensuring Edward River is a welcoming place to live, work and visit.
Read the plan here.(PDF, 2MB)  

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Australians have a disability. 

Disability is defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 to include physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, and learning disability. However, it is often more useful to think of the barriers that people with disability face, including physical, communication, social, economic, and attitudinal barriers – and what we all need to put in place to remove these barriers.

Access and inclusion can be summarised as positive attitudes and behaviours, and systems and processes that welcome and support people with disability. It’s also about having the ability to enjoy and participate in community life and equal employment opportunities and practices.

The DIAP encourages positive change in the lives of people with disabilities and advocates for the full participation of all community members in every aspect of the Edward River community. It outlines the steps that the Council will take to build a more inclusive and accessible community and workplace, including developing positive community attitudes and behaviours towards people with disability, creating more liveable communities, supporting meaningful access to employment, and improving access to services.

Edward River Council is committed to ongoing collaboration and actions designed to building an inclusive community where diversity is celebrated, and all can thrive.