Disability Inclusion Action Plan


Help us Make Edward River a more inclusive and accessible place.

We are currently developing our new Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) for 2023-25.

All members of our community share responsibility for creating an accessible and inclusive community. That’s why we’re seeking your input to help us create a set of realistic and achievable priorities in our Plan through this survey.

Our DIAP will be a strategic plan that will follow legislation and government policy guidelines. Through external consultation we gather knowledge, experiences and priorities from our community and other stakeholders with disability.

Disability is defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 to include physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, and learning disability. However, it is often more useful to think of the barriers that people with disability face, including physical, communication, social, economic, and attitudinal barriers – and what we all need to put in place to remove these barriers.

Access and inclusion can be summarised as positive attitudes and behaviours, and systems and processes that welcome and support people with disability. It’s also about having the ability to enjoy and participate in community life and equal employment opportunities and practices.