Pollution Monitoring

The NSW Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) has introduced changes to improve the public's access to information about the environmental performance of licensed facilities.

Licensees are required to publish pollution monitoring data collected as a result of a licence condition, in accordance with section 66(6) of the POELA Act.

Edward River Council maintains three licenced facilities:

  • Deniliquin Sewage Treatment Plant;
  • Deniliquin Waste Disposal Depot; and
  • Deniliquin Saleyards.

Monitoring data collected from these licensed facilities will be published on Council's website within 14 days of obtaining the data.

Deniliquin Saleyards

Pollution Monitoring Data

Saleyards-Monitoring-Data-Dec-20.pdf(PDF, 710KB)


Deniliquin Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)

PIRMP-STP-June-2021-ver-9-002.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

NSW-EPA-licence-1694-June-21.pdf(PDF, 147KB)

Pollution Monitoring Data

STP-Pollution-Monitoring-Data-Aug-21.pdf(PDF, 576KB)

STP-Pollution-Monitoring-Archived-Data-Aug-21.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Deniliquin Waste Landfill Depot (WLD)

Pollution Monitoring Data

Waste-Disposal-Depot-Monitoring-Archived-Data-13-October-2020.pdf(PDF, 792KB)

Waste-Disposal-Depot-Monitoring-Data-13-Oct-20.pdf(PDF, 605KB)