Pet Desexing

Edward River Council recommends the desexing of all companion pets. Desexing lowers the risk of animal health problems and helps reduce the number of animals who end up in pounds and shelters. Desexing also reduces aggression and roaming in male dogs.

The benefits of desexing include:

In female pets:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention of unwanted oestrus signs e.g. vaginal discharge
  • Decreased risk of mammary cancer
  • Prevention of ovarian cancer
  • Prevention of pyometra

In male pets:

  • Reduced aggression and roaming
  • Reduced prostate problems
  • Prevention of testicular problems

Desexing is a day procedure requiring a general anaesthetic, and generally your pet is home by the evening of surgery. 

Desexing Program

A subsidised desexing program is run by Edward River Council in partnership with Southern Riverina Vets. The program aims to make it affordable for all residents to desex their cats and dogs.

The Pet Desexing Program, introduced on 30 July 2018, has a limited number of spots. To qualify for the program, pet owners need to be a resident of the Edward River Council local government area, be a pensioner concession card holder and the companion animal must be a minimum of six months in age.

The desexing program covers costs associated with the assessment of the animal for suitability for desexing, anaesthesia, monitoring of the animal and pre and post-surgical pain relief.

Refer to the current financial year'sfees and charges(PDF, 921KB) for the subsidised fees for the desexing program.

Desexing Program Rules

  1. Companion animal must be a minimum of 6 months in age.
  2. Owner must be a resident of the Edward River Council local government area. Proof of residency will be required.
  3. Only unregistered animals can participate. Animals that are not micro-chipped can register for the program and Council will microchip prior to desexing.
  4. A maximum or two animals per owner and/or address.
  5. Owner of the animal must have a pensioner concession card.
  6. Owner must not have any outstanding debts with Southern Riverina Vets.
  7. Owner must complete the registration forms to lifetime register the animal.
  8. Owner must make a contribution to the cost of the desexing and lifetime registration see fees and charges(PDF, 921KB)
  9. Animal must be desexed within 12 weeks of an offer in the program from Council. If not completed within time frame, position in program will be forfeited.
  10. Desexing certificate must be presented to Council prior to lifetime registration of the animal.


Register for the Desexing Program

Register for the program by phone 03 5898 3000 or in person at the Edward River Council Customer Service Centre, 180 Cressy Street Deniliquin, Monday - Friday from 8.30am - 5.00pm.

To register you will need to provide owner contact details (with proof of address), pensioner concession card, details of pet and microchip number (if micro-chipped) and the appropriate fee amount to make a payment.