Executive Team and Organisational Structure

Edward River Council is led by a General Manager and comprises two individual directorates.


Office of the General Manager

The General Manager reports directly to the Mayor and Councillors and is responsible for providing strategic leadership and support to the organisation. In addition to managing the two Directors and overseeing the day-to-day operations of Council, the General Manager coordinates Council's Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework, including production of the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and Annual Report, and is responsible for facilitating a regulatory environment that facilitates growth, development and investment in the Edward River region. The Office of the General Manager provides executive and communications support to the Mayor and Councillors and coordinates Council meetings, as well as civic and corporate events, and includes two branches: Community and Economic Development, and Environmental Services.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services directorate is responsible for providing professional customer service to the residents of the Edward River region, and ensuring the organisation remains financially sustainable and innovative and efficient in the way it does business. The directorate provides a range of services, including financial management, work health and safety, governance, information technology and human resources. The Corporate Services directorate comprises four branches: Governance and Communications, Finance, Information Services and Technology, and People and Customer Service.


The Infrastructure directorate is responsible for delivering and maintaining infrastructure throughout the Edward River region, including our sealed and unsealed road networks and water and sewer infrastructure, as well as the overall management of infrastructure and assets that contribute to providing cost-effective, efficient and sustainable services to our community. The directorate also manages waste services throughout the region and maintains our open and public space, including parks and gardens, lagoons, recreation reserves and footpaths. The Infrastructure directorate comprises three branches: Engineering and Assets, Major Projects, and Operations. We are currently recruiting for this position.

Our Leadership Team