Published on 15 May 2024

Edward River Council is set to take a significant step forward in shaping the future of the region with the consideration of the Draft Edward River Growth Strategy 2050 at next week’s Council meeting. The strategy, developed under the guidance of the Growth Strategy Project Advisory Committee, will be endorsed for public exhibition, allowing community members to provide feedback and insights.

The Growth Strategy Advisory Committee, chaired by Councillor Harold Clapham and championed by a dedicated group of local residents, has been instrumental in steering the development of this draft strategy through a comprehensive community engagement process and extensive background research. Their efforts have brought the project to this pivotal point, underscoring their commitment to the region's growth and prosperity.

The Edward River Growth Strategy 2050 project is Council’s response to the Our Region Your Say - Sefton’s Report which articulates the aspiration of the community to grow the population to 19,800 people by 2050. It became a key strategic priority for the organisation following adoption by the Council in 2022, including a commitment of significant funding to prepare the strategy.

Following the endorsement for public exhibition, the draft strategy will be available for viewing and comment for a period of 28 days. Community members are encouraged to participate actively in this process, as their feedback will be instrumental in shaping the final version of the Edward River Growth Strategy 2050.

Upon the conclusion of the exhibition period, feedback received will be thoroughly reviewed for potential incorporation into the strategy. A summary of the feedback, along with an updated version of the strategy, will be presented to Council for review at a scheduled briefing in July.

Key components of the proposed community engagement during the public exhibition period include a launch event at the Deniliquin Town Hall, community meetings, pop-up sessions, direct engagement with stakeholders, and various communication channels such as social media, newspapers, and Council's website.

Edward River Council’s Interim CEO Gary Arnold expressed optimism about the draft strategy, highlighting its importance in guiding the region's growth aspirations. 

"Our region is poised for an exciting future filled with promise and growth. The Draft Edward River Growth Strategy 2050 outlines a comprehensive plan to elevate all aspects of our community, lifestyle, and economy," Mr Arnold said.

Following endorsement, the draft Strategy will be available for viewing after 22 May 2024.


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