Published on 02 May 2024

New Plan to Help Region Develop Drought Resilience

The draft Southern Riverina Regional Drought Resilience Plan is now available for public review and feedback until Friday 17 May 2024. 

This collaborative initiative, developed by Edward River Council, Berrigan Shire Council, Murray River Council, and Federation Council, aims to build the Southern Riverina region's resilience against the long-term impacts of drought and foster sustainable growth. 

The objectives of the plan are comprehensive, focusing on capturing pertinent information about how drought events affect the Southern Riverina region. It outlines actions that the entire community, including local, state, and federal governments, can undertake to enhance resilience and mitigate the far-reaching consequences of natural disasters.

Throughout the review period, the public consultation process will provide an opportunity for community members to voice their opinions and suggestions. 

In a joint statement, the mayors of the participating councils emphasised the significance of collaboration, saying "We firmly believe this document highlights not only the synergies between our four communities but the fact our Councils are often called upon to assist each other in times of crisis and as such, we have developed highly effective working relationships. This Plan is our ongoing commitment to that collaboration."

The draft plan reflects the desires of the community to achieve sustainable landscapes, connected people, improved community wellbeing, resilient local businesses and economies and good governance models that share knowledge and promote skills development, even in the face of drought.

Drought is an ongoing challenge expected to continue impacting the Southern Riverina region into the future. 

Recognising its multifaceted impacts on society, environment, and economy, regional councils are committed to preparing and developing a robust community to mitigate these effects and expedite recovery. 

This plan underscores the importance of collective action and community resilience.

The project has been made possible through joint funding from the Australian and NSW Government.

The draft Southern Riverina Regional Drought Resilience Plan can be accessed here:

Draft-Regional-Drought-Resilience-Plan.pdf(PDF, 45MB)

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