Social Media

You can stay up to date with the latest information from us by following Edward River Council on social media.

Why do we use social media?

As with many local governments, we use social media to interact with our residents, ratepayers, businesses and visitors in a modern, convenient and efficient way. Social media is used by many people on a daily basis, allowing us to have an online presence and reach more people when we have important news and information to share.

We aim to inform the community of what's happening, including:

  • Important news updates from Council;
  • Alerts and updates on service changes and disruptions;
  • Opportunities to be consulted on Council decisions and projects;
  • Upcoming events and activities in the Edward River community and at the Central Murray Regional Library; and
  • Links to interesting and useful information about Council published on our website.

When do we respond?

Council's social media accounts are updated and monitored during operating hours, Monday to Friday. We do schedule posts and updates to be published over the weekend. During emergency situations, we may also provide updates and alert outside of normal office hours.

How we use social media

Social media is a two way communication tool, and we post updates and respond to posts where we can. Where applicable, we direct social media users to where requested information can be found, including Council's website and external websites.

If you have any formal requests, enquiries or complaints, you should contact us by phone, email or in writing.

We consider Facebook to be an informal communication channel. Direct messages or posts from Facebook are not considered official correspondence.

Our social media sites

Terms of Service

An open dialogue between Council and Facebook users is always welcome, however, when commenting on any of Council's Facebook pages, we ask that you be respectful and courteous of other users and their opinions, and refrain from:

  • Posting anything that could be considered prejudicial, racist, off-topic, inflammatory, repetitive, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate;
  • Swearing;
  • Harassing or making personal attacks against other users; or
  • Revealing any personal or sensitive information about others on our pages.

We also ask that you do not report any offensive material on Facebook to Council's pages, or post a link to it. Complaints about offensive material should be made directly to Facebook.

Users who repeatedly engage in inappropriate conduct or breach the above guidelines will be banned from Council's Facebook pages.