Land Valuations

Rates are calculated on the value of your land which is determined by Property NSW Valuation Services on behalf of the NSW Valuer General. If you do not agree with the land value of your property you can request a review by the Valuer General.

In Edward River Council, land revaluations occur every three years.

Ratepayers will receive a Notice of Valuation from the Valuer General with their updated land valuations. Council uses the updated valuations to calculate the rates from July 1 of the next financial year.

To find out more about the Valuer General, the land valuations process, how to lodge an objection and other information, click here


Contact the Valuer General;

  • Call: 1800 100 038 between 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
  • Mail: Valuer General NSW, PO Box 745, Bathurst NSW 2795


A property owner has the opportunity to object to their land valuation within 60 days after receiving the Notice of Valuation, either online to the Valuer General or by phoning 1800 110 038 to request an objection form.

While your objection is being reviewed, you are required to continue to pay your rates. If your objection is successful, the NSW Valuer General will adjust the value of your land.

It is important to note an increase in your property value does not increase the amount of money we collect in rates - it just redistributes the amount of rates Council collects between individual properties. Some ratepayers will pay more, and some will pay less, depending on the new value of their property relative to other properties in the Local Government area.