Local Government/ Roads Act Approvals


As part of your project there are likely to be new stormwater, water or sewer connections, driveway crossings or similar work. Such work requires Council approval to ensure it complies with the relevant standards.

What type of work do I need approval for?

Council approval is required for the following under the provisions of S68 Local Government Act 1993:

  • Water supply work (i.e. a new connection to the main, internal water connections);
  • Sewerage work (i.e. a new connection to the main, internal drainage lines);
  • Stormwater drainage work (i.e. new downpipes draining to the street);
  • On-site waste water management system serving the site;
  • Installation of a manufactured home or moveable dwelling; and
  • Solid fuel heaters.

Other Section 68 approvals include activities not related to building works such as waste management, activities on community land or public roads. You must complete this application form for a section 68 approval.  

Council approval is required for any work within the road reserve and this is called a Road Opening Permit. This is to ensure public safety is maintained and that there is no liability or risk imposed on Council. Council approval is required for the following types of building related activities under the provisions of S138 Roads Act 1993:

  • driveway crossings;
  • stormwater outlet to the kerb;
  • hoarding;
  • footpaths;
  • storage of materials on the nature strip/footpath; and
  • works on the footpath ie (erection of a sign/s over footpath, construction vehicles parking on footpaths etc)

When should I submit my application for Local Government approval?

You can apply for a section 68 approval on your development application or you can fill out a separate form.  You must complete a separate form for a road opening permit.

What information do I need to include with the Application Form?

Generally each form has targeted questions/diagrams for the relevant application. However, the more information you can provide the better we can understand and process your application. For example, a diagram showing the proposed stormwater lines may be required with an application.

What inspections are required?

The following water, sewer and drainage inspections are required to be carried out by Council even if Council has not been appointed the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for the building work:

  • Underfloor drainage under hydrostatic test prior to covering;
  • Internal stackwork under hydrostatic test prior to covering;
  • Hot and cold water plumbing under pressure test prior to covering;
  • Sanitary drainage under hydrostatic test prior to covering;
  • The installation of the septic tank and any sullage trenches prior to covering; and
  • Final inspection of all plumbing and drainage works.