Planning Information


Council's Environmental Services team is involved in various aspects of strategic land use planning, development and construction, and environmental health matters. Whether you are buying or building a home, subdividing land, or undertaking a major development in the Edward River region, our Planning and Development resources will help guide you through the approvals process.

Please note that the information and advice contained in these resources is general in nature. We recommend you seek professional advice or arrange a meeting with Council's planners if you have a specific or complex planning or design issue.

Planning Information Sheets

Factsheet 1         Residential Subdivision(PDF, 406KB)  
Factsheet 2   Temporary Event Signs(PDF, 365KB)  
Factsheet 3   Rural Residential Subdivision(PDF, 477KB)
Factsheet 4   Fascia Signs and Heritage(PDF, 607KB)  
Factsheet 5   Residential Sheds and Garages(PDF, 400KB)
Factsheet 6   Understanding Integrated Development(PDF, 531KB)
Factsheet 10   Telecommunication Infrastructure Servicing Requirements for Subdivision(PDF, 433KB)