Local Environmental Plans

Council utilises three different Local Environmental Plans to regulate land use and development within the Edward River local government area.

The Local Environmental Plans, which each comprise a written document (instrument) and a series of accompanying maps, are legal documents that provide rules and standards for uses on private and public land within the Edward River region.

The three Local Environmental Plans (LEP) are located on the NSW Legislation website:

The Conargo LEP applies to all land use in the former Conargo Shire Council local government area, while the Deniliquin LEP 2013 applies to all land use in the former Deniliquin Council local government area, except for the deferred area. The deferred area is generally in the area in Davidson Street and is the area outlined in red and marked 'DM' on the Land Application Map. The Deniliquin LEP 1997 applies to the deferred area.

NSW Planning Portal

In addition to viewing the LEP maps by following the links above, you can also use the NSW Government's Planning Portal to easily find information about a specific property, including planning rules, controls and development constraints. The results direct you to an interactive map called a planning viewer which maps the planning controls affecting the property.