Forms, Permits and applications

Edward River Council is currently reviewing existing customer forms and permits. 

While the below forms are available, if you require any other forms, please use our Customer Feedback Form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist as soon as possible. 

Accessing Council Information

For further information about accessing information held by Council, visit our Accessing Council Information page.

Formal Release of Council Information Application(PDF, 2MB)

Informal Release of Council Information Application(PDF, 201KB)

Customer Service

Application for Certificates(PDF, 192KB)  

Special Events Form
(PDF, 329KB)

Public Memorials Applications(PDF, 154KB)

Companion Animal Surrender Form(PDF, 222KB)


Building and Planning

Form 1      Application for Development/ Construction Certificate and Complying Development(PDF, 1MB)
Form 2  Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority(PDF, 756KB)  
Form 3   Notice of Commencement of Building Work and/or Subdivision Work(PDF, 645KB)  
Form 4  Application for Occupation Certificate(PDF, 649KB)  
Form 6  Application for Modification of Development Consent/ Construction Certificate/ Complying Development Certificate(PDF, 777KB)  
Form 7  Statement of Environmental Effects for Minor Impact Developments(PDF, 767KB)
Form 10  Notification of Skin Penetration Premises(PDF, 144KB)
Form 11  Notification of Public Swimming Pool(PDF, 143KB)
Form 12  Bed and Banks Works Application Checklist(PDF, 181KB)
Form 16  Application for Local Activity(PDF, 770KB)
Form 16b Application for Sewer and/or Water Connection(PDF, 430KB)
Form 20  Building Certificate(PDF, 669KB)
Form 24              Swimming Pool(PDF, 633KB)
Form 26              Notification of Temporary Food Stall(PDF, 483KB)
 Form 27 Low Risk Food Business Application(PDF, 410KB)
 Form 30 ERC-Form-30-Hairdressing-Beauty-and-Skin-Penetration-Premises-Registration-Form.pdf(PDF, 413KB)                                                   
  Political Gifts and Donations Form(DOCX, 46KB)

Finance - Rates, Water & Debtors

Agreement to Pay Rates & Charges Form(PDF, 260KB)
Change of Address Form(PDF, 253KB)
Hardship Relief Application Form(PDF, 736KB)
Pensioner Concession Application Form(PDF, 1MB)


Form 5      Application for Road Opening Permit(PDF, 594KB)


Burn off permits

Application-to-Burn-Off.pdf(PDF, 173KB)