Roadside Vegetation


This handbook is designed to provide some general information to help local

government staff and contractors involved in the construction, management and

maintenance of roads and roadside areas to be more aware of the range of issues

relevant to roadside management within the Edward River Council area. This

publication is intended to be of assistance to all people involved in management of

roadsides and comes under the overarching Edward River Council Roadside

Vegetation Management Strategy.

This handbook seeks to encourage best practice which:

• Avoids damage to remnant vegetation through adherence to improved road

maintenance and construction works practices.

• Protects and enhances the environmental, amenity and cultural values of


• Accommodates functional values of road safety, fire management and utility


• Enhances awareness and knowledge of roadside issues.

• Promotes minimum disturbance techniques.

• Minimises pest plant and animal invasion and spread.

• Minimises land degradation and enhances water quality.


ECM_106950_v2_Roadside-Vegetation-Management-Plan-Community-Handbook.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

ECM_106952_v2_Roadside-Vegetation-Management-Plans-COP-Handbook.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

ECM_106951_v4_Roadside-Vegetation-Management-Plan-Plan-1.pdf(PDF, 4MB)