Using the Planning Portal

Planning Portal Video


Getting set-up for online lodgement is simple

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘My Account’
  3. Select ‘Create Account’ and follow the prompts
  • Once created, you can apply for DAs with us online via your ePlanning account.



  • Applications will only be formally accepted and progressed upon payment.
  • Development Application and related fees must be paid to Council for the processing of an application.
  • An invoice will be sent via the Planning Portal to the applicant.

What happens next?

  • Once your application has been submitted we will check over it and let you know via your Planning Portal account if we require any additional information.
  • If so, you will need to submit this information to us via your Planning Portal account.
  • You will be automatically notified when we've lodged your application into our system and when your application has been determined by us.
  • Approved plans and documentation will be delivered to you via your Planning Portal account.