Aqualus Public Portal

Through our Meter Replacement Program, Edward River Council has now replaced over 3,600 water meters in Deniliquin with new Elster V100 meters and installed an electronic meter reading system. The Elster V100 meter complies with all relevant Australian Standards and many NSW local government councils now utilise this meter for their water supply systems.

Property owners can now keep up to date with their water consumption through registering to use the Aqualus public portal. This system will allow you to:

  • Monitor your water use;
  • Identify leaks; and
  • Compare your water use with averages (both for Deniliquin and similar demographics).

How to register

Visit the Aqualus public portal to register. Before using the system, you will have to:

  • Register as a user. Click the 'Sign Up Now' button and provide your details to create your Aqualus account.
  • Confirm your account. You will receive a confirmation email after creating your account. Follow the instructions set out in the email to confirm your account and begin using your Aqualus account.
  • Register your property. After logging in, click the 'Add Properties' button and provide the relevant information. After advising your relationship to the property, the address and the assessment number, you can register your property and view your water use once approved. If you are the property's owner, Council will approve your registration, and if you are a tenant, your property's owner will approve your registration.

How to set alerts

Aqualus will let residents see when there is a leak or where there is massive use. After logging in and selecting a property, look for the panel called “Consumption Metrics”. The second slide should show the maximum leak rate per hour for the property.

You can also arrange to receive an alert for leaks and massive use. At the top of the page hover over “My Alerts” with the mouse and when it drops down select “Manage Your Alerts”. On the alerts page select which alert you want and fill in the thresholds for which you want to receive emails and texts for.