Community Strategic Plan 2022 - 2050


The Community Strategic Plan is the highest-level plan that Council prepares. The purpose of the Community Strategic Plan is to identify our community's main priorities and aspirations for the future and to plan strategies for achieving these goals. In doing this, the planning process considers the issues and pressures that may impact the community and the level of resources that will realistically be available to achieve its aspirations.

This Plan identifies our community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and the strategies that will be implemented to achieve our shared vision for the future of the Edward River Local Government Area.

Under the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IP&R), the Community Strategic Plan sits above all other Council plans and policies in the planning hierarchy. In accordance with the IP&R Framework, this Plan is based on the four priority areas of:

Community, Environment, Economy and Leadership

In developing Edward River 2050, Council has undertaken significant consultation with community, government, business and industry. The Our Region, Your Say - Edward River report that was the result of this process developed a shared vision underpinned by former five strategic outcomes, with renewed focus:

• Shaping the future

• A prosperous and vibrant economy

• A valued and enhanced natural environment

• A region with quality and sustainable infrastructure

• A community working together to achieve its potential


This process has recast these earlier goals to embrace a new vision:

Investing in our future Edward River Council Community Strategic Plan 2022-2050

Recast, the strategic outcomes have expanded:

• Shaping the future - Protect and enhance both our natural and built environment as we grow

• An open and connected community - Build capacity and access to freight, transport, information and cultural links within and beyond our region

• Encouraging growth through partnerships - Invest in, promote and celebrate living, working and visiting the Edward River experience

• Delivering community assets and services - Develop and maintain public infrastructure that supports local businesses to grow and attract new investment

• Accountable leadership and responsive administration - Councillors are leaders in the community who are informed and responsive to the community’s expectations. Each outcome is supported by a number of targets which, together, will seek to achieve the community goals over the life of Edward River 2050


At an operational level, the Community Strategic Plan is implemented through Council's Delivery Program and annual Operational Plans, which outline the activities and actions that are the responsibility of Council in achieving our shared vision.

View our Community Strategic Plan here(PDF, 4MB)