Notifications and Comments

Development may be advertised and/or notified at the discretion of Council where it is considered appropriate given the nature of the proposal.

The minimum advertising and or notification period for development applications is 14 days.

Council will notify adjoining owners and/or occupiers where it is of the opinion that the use or enjoyment of their land may be detrimentally affected by the proposal.

In forming an opinion to notify adjoining owners and/or occupiers Council will take the impacts on the following matters into consideration:

  • Obstruction of views;
  • Sunlight;
  • Privacy;
  • Noise, odour, light or other pollution;
  • Visual impact, streetscape and local character;
  • Traffic and access;
  • Ground levels;
  • Stormwater and watercourse issues; and
  • Natural and man-made hazards.

The assessment of development applications will consider any submissions made by adjoining owners/occupiers and other interested persons in response to public notification procedures.